My Baked Spaghetti!!

My Baked Spaghetti

box of spaghetti noodles
1 jar of prepared spaghetti sauce or the canned kind
1 jar of whole or diced tomatoes or the canned kind
1 sm. can tomato paste
1 T. beef paste, bouillon or 1 cube
2 T. honey or if no honey use brown sugar!
lots of any type of cheese-3 or 4 cups
1 lb elk, beef, venison, chicken or turkey hamburger
salt and pepper to taste
2 t. garlic pd
8x11 baking dish

1. Bring water to boil for the spaghetti noodles. Add them when boiling
2. Fry hamburger, add salt, pepper, and garlic pd.
3. Add spaghetti sauce, whole tomatoes, and tomato paste to hamb. mix, stir it up real good!
4. Add the beef bouillon an honey, mix
5. Cook mixture on top of stove for about 1/2 hour
6. Grate what ever cheese you choose, and whatever amount you choose
7. When noodles are ready, drain and put back in pot, add sauce mix. Also add about 2 cups of the cheese. Mix well.
8. Pour in a baking pan, put in oven for 1/2 hour, cover with foil.
9. You can also add onions and mushrooms, serve with green salad and garlic bread

Garlic Bread

1 c. mayo
1 cube butter or marg.
5 cloves garlic, diced small
1 loaf of sourdough, French or Italian bread
Mix all together, spread on bread. Broil in oven for about 2 minutes! Watch, don't burn it!

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  1. I make a similar dish to this that we love but I have never thought of adding Honey into my recipe. What a wonderful idea!! Sounds absolutely delish!

    - Dana