Making Pear Sauce my Way!!!

Making Pear Sauce my way!
I dump a whole lota pears , skins and all in a large water bath canner, with enough water to just cover bottom of pot.
Turn the fire on med low and let soften for a while, check and try to stir every once in a while.
After about an hour or so they are soft enough to run through the food mill
Taste to see if you need any honey or sugar, or anything else you like to put in pear sauce.
Gather all your canning stuff!!! Well really you should have it all ready to go!
I use pear sauce the same as i do apple sauce.
prcess pints for 20 minutes.

*pear sauce is also good dried in a food dyhydrator as fruit leather.
When down drying, roll it up in Saran Wrap and store in ziplocs.

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