My HomeMade Canning Beans

Canning Beans

I use pinto, kidney, navy, and turtle beans.
10 lbs. of pinto beans will process about 21 quarts

The day before canning I clean and start soaking my beans in lots of water. Soak them overnight. (10-12 hr.) You can use 5 gallon bucket to soak or whatever you have

Next day: toss any beans that are floating. Rinse the beans with water.

Pack the beans loosely in jars, leaving a 1 ½ in. head space. Be sure not to over pack them! The lids will buckle.

You can add 1 t. salt to each quart if you want to. You can even add bits of bacon or onion to the middle of jars.

Add warm water to the beans leaving 1 ½ in. headspace. Use a spatula to get out all the air pockets.

Put on your lid as directed in our canner guidelines

Process for 1 hour and 30 minutes at 10 lb pressure (pints are 1 hour 15 minutes) at 10 lb. pressure.

When you take out the beans they may look a bit different than you expect, but this is normal. When they cool and seal they will look better. When they are cooled a bit it helps to shake the beans around if they look like they are in a clump at the bottom.

I use these for chili, baked beans, taco salad, bean soups, etc.very convenient.

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