Fruit Leather!

Fruit Leather
i use a borrowed dehydrator , it has these plastic things you lay down in it to make leather with. i just pour a bit of the sauce on those and spread it around put the lid on and turn it on, it takes a while, the thicker you pour it the longer it takes.
when done just peel it up and roll it in saran wrap, that makes it easier to unroll. so good with homemade apple or pear sauce!
Canning pear or apple sauce
if you have some apples or pears you can make sauce real quick, well not reallly quick!
what i do is put my whole apples(rinsed off) in a huge pot(i make a lot at one time) put a little bit of water in the bottom so it wont burn, (there will be plenty of liquid once the apples get to cookin!) put the lid on, turn the burner on med heat or a little higher, just watch and see what you feel comfortable with, and let it cook for about 15 min check to make sure its not burning with a long wooden spoon, mix it up best you can. just keep checkin every 15 or 20 min.till its all soft (its doenst have to be squishy soft). then i turn off heat let it sit for about 10 min. to let the steam stop and cool off a bit. i get out my food mill, put it over a large bowl and put a cup full in it and turn the handle till its all quished up and runny falling into the bowl, i do this till the pot is empty. (all the stems and skins will stay in the mill so you'll have to empty it every once in a while. ) then i mix that sauce in my bowl, taste it to see if i need to add honey or cinnamon. if you do just put some in to your taste. or just leave it plain old apple sauce.
if you can it just read the directions for your water bath canner! or if you want to dry it, do the above!

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