My strawberry Jam

I'm gona make some strawberry jam today, with the last of the strawberries I have.
So I'm using a new type of jar and new brand of pectin than I usually use
Here's the recipe and what I need for the jam.

Hulled strawberries- 4 cups mashed strawberries
1/2c-1 c. honey(if you don't wana use honey use 3/4-2 c. sugar, depending on how sweet berries are)
Pomona pectin(2t. pectin powder, 2t. calcium water)
jars- 6 of the 900-1/5 liter molded jars
my water bather- w/ insert thingy
funnel- to help me pour the jam into the fars
canning tongs- to lift the hot jars out when done

  I wash all the jars and rings and lids first of all with soap and water.
I kept the jars in some hot water while I prepared the strawberries.
the glass lids and rings I will boil for a minute just before I pour the
jam into them.

Prepare the pectin- Put 1/2 t. white calcium powder and 1/2 c. water in a small clear jar with a lid(I use canning jar, left over calcium water can be stored in refrigerator and used next time!) Be sure to shake well before using.

Mash strawberries, measure into the pot your gona use
Add the calcium water from the jar, stir well.
Measure sugar or honey into separate bowl. Thoroughly mix proper amount of pectin powder into the sweetening.
Bring fruit to boil.
Add pectin-sweetening mix stir vigorously 1-2 minutes while cooking to dissolve pectin
Return to boil and  then remove from heat.
Prepare the rubbers on the lids before you fill the jars,
Fill jars to 1/2 inch of top. Wipe rims clean.
Put the spring clamps in place and snap on.  You will only need 2 clamps for this size, and make sure they are put on opposite each other.
Place on rack in a water bath, the water
should be about the same hotness as the jam.
If needed pour more same temp.water to cover the tops about 1 or 2 inches.
Turn on the burner, wait for it to boil then process 10 min. ( add 1 min. more for every 1000 ft. above sea level).
Remove when done with canner tongs and set on a towel away from drafts. Let them cool.
When the jars are completely cool snap off the clamps, they are not needed to store jars.
If the jars sealed properly the rubber pull tabs will be facing down.


  1. Hello,

    I saw your yummy looking jam on Laura's blog list at Goose Hill Farm, so I popped over to get a better look...a very helpful post.

    I am making plum butter, for the first time, this weekend.


  2. P.S. I am now following your blog.

  3. Ms. Debbie, oh this looks so yummy!!! :)
    I have missed you, but back up on running on my end again, I hope.
    Heidi (homeschoolmom)