Stew w/ Navaho bread

Beef Stew w/ Navaho Fry bread

This is how I make it! In the morning i go out into the garden and see what i have ready to pick, today it was some carrots and green beans, so gathered those up, went inside washed them off, snapped the green beans in half, cut up the carrots, set to the side for later. Here's the recipe:

Some kinda beef-diced up, I used chuck steak, but can use hamburger or sirloin, roast, etc
some vegetables- diced up, kinda like making a stew vegetables!
1 bay leaf
diced tomatoes
some kinda tomatoes sauce or v-8 juice
salt and pepper
herbs- i gathered oregano, sage, summer savory, parsley, rosemary, chop them all up and set aside

i put a bit of the broth in the dutch oven and dump all the meat, the bay leaf and some garlic in to simmer till tender, .
When tender I add the green beans, carrots, v-8 or tom. sauce, diced tomatoes, herbs, pepper and salt if needed,  let simmer for a bit till vegetables are tender
Take out the bay leaf! Its ready if everything is nice and tender and juicy looking!
You can add beans also.

How I make the Navaho Fry Bread

about 4 c. flour
1 T. baking powder
1 t. salt
1 1/2 to 2 c.  warm water
about 1 c. of lard or some oil you use for frying

I put the flour in the bowl, add the baking pd, salt, mix it up.
Next I add the water, get it all mixed up in there, add more water if to dry.
kneed it a bit on the counter till its all smooth and satiny.
cover and let stand for about 15 min. under a cloth. letting it rest so it will be easy to roll or pat.
grab about 2 in ball of dough and pat or stretch or use the rolling pin to flatten out like a tortilla. Use flour if to sticky.
By this time your oil should be hot and waiting (so you have to pre-read the recipe!! to get this step!)
Put the dough in the pan, fry till golden brown, then turn and fry the other side till golden brown, take off drain and pat oil off. Ready to use!
Top with the above recipe, can eat like a tortilla or dip it!

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  1. Hopping over from Goose Hill Farm…

    My husband would probably enjoy this. When young, he spent time in New Mexico and has always talked about the Indian bread he had there.