My RoastedChicken Salad!!

Roasted Chicken Salad!!

Catch one of your chickens kill and dress it or buy one at the store
go out to your garden or yard and gather whatever herbs you have
wash the herbs off
dice them up small
add them to about 1/2 c. some kind of oil(cooking, not car!hahaha)
add some pepper and sea salt or whatever you have
after your chicken is washed up be sure to pat dry it off
now take the herbs/oil mix and rub it all over the bird, under the skin, inside the cavity
set it in your roasting pan
be sure to heat the oven(first step!) to about 350, cook 20 min. per pound.
take it out when juices run clear and nice and browned, and the parts come off easily.
let it cool or you'll burn your fingers! when cool start taking it apart, pulling the meat off the bones, in big chunks
set aside
either go out to the garden and pick your lettuce or buy some
tear it into salad form, adding any vegetables
lay the chicken on top and dress with your favorite salad dressing!
add some homemade croutons!
great tasting and easy dinner! serve with some french bread(homemade of course!)

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