My French Fries!!

My French Fries!!!
Now this is what i do to make french fries! we like them a bit crispy!
i use:
white potatoes
sweet potatoes
paper bag- to drain the fries on
salt- to put on the fries when done
oil- to fry the potatoes in!
fryer- to fry the potatoes in!
1. I have a little fryer with a basket so i use that. i pour some canola,vegetable, corn or peanut oil in my basket to the line. Set the temperture to 325

2. Next I cut up a bunch of potatoes or yams or sweet potatoes, you can peel them or leave the skins on , i cut with a knife. but if you have a french fry cutter or processor use that! its faster!
3. I lay all the potatoes on a flour sack towel and kinda dry them out, they seems to fry better when their dry and not damp.
4. when the oil is ready i put a handful in the basket, basket into the oil for about 2-3 min. i dont want them crisp or fully cooked yet, so i take them out and either drain them in the basket over the oil or just toss them on the paper bag to rest. depends on how many i'm making.
5. now i wait for about 15 min. go fry your fish and chips or cook your steak or change your laundry or get on the internet for 15 min! before you go increase the temp. of the oil to 375!
6. after the 15 min. i put the potatoes back in the basket and lower them down into the oil again for about 4-5 min. i fry until they are chrispy lookin and nice and brown!
7. lift the basket out, dump them on the paper bag and salt them! now they are ready to eat ! nice and brown and crispy!

ohhhh there so good! i serve them with ketchup or mayo and a bit of ketchup mixed together!
These are good with hamburgers, on top of steaks, with fish, a side for chicken use your imagination!!!
*this can also be done with just a pot! use tongs or splotted spoon to take out the fries.


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