MY HomeMade Canning or Freezing Peppers!!!

Heres a recipe i use for my jalapenos and banana chiles, and even my sweet peppe

MY Canning or Freezing Peppers!!!

some carrots slices or the baby carrots
onion slices
1/2 t. salt per pint
1 clove garlic, cut up
winegar and water in equal amounts

1. i prick the chiles in a couple places. Pack them into clean pint jars.add a few carrot slices and onion pieces. add salt and garlic but you dont have to.
2. cover ingred. with equal amounts of vinegar and water, leave about 3/4 in. headspace.Be sure to wipe th rim of jars with a clean cloth. put the lids on and tighten a bit only.
3. process for 15 min. in hot water bath canner.
4. take out and enjoy!!

also heres a way to freeze them!!

Before freezing peppers, wash them good and steam blanch them using a tall pot, about 1/3 full of boiling water, and a metal strainer.
Set the peppers in the strainer, set the strainer in the pot, and now put the lid of the pot to hold in most of the steam.
After six minutes of steaming, dunk the peppers in a bowl of ice water and stir them around until they are thoroughly chilled. This stops the cook of the peppers.
Once the peppers are well chilled, drain them, dry them off, put them in a plastic freezer bag, and freeze them.

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